Automate your wholesale routing process

Replace the manual, labor-intensive processes involved in the planning, preparation, submission and execution of wholesale shipments by retail brands to wholesale customers.
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How does it work?

Slync brings wholesale routing data, systems, processes and participants together to drive greater certainty, flexibility, and automation into the wholesale routing function within a retail brands' supply chain operations.

Core Routing Automation

Simplified experience to plan, prepare, submit, and manage wholesale routings and loads, including automated interfaces to wholesale portals.

Automated Business Rules

Comply with complex routing requirements from wholesale customers to optimize fulfillment flow and drive compliance to reduce chargebacks.

Discover & Resolve Exceptions

Uncover issues sooner and expedite resolution processes using Slync workflows and collaboration.

Dynamic Dashboards

Real-time routing status visibility, forecasting fulfillment, revenue views, and more.

Evolve From

Non-Systematized Data
Latent Visibility
Static Business Insights
Disconnected Teams
Legacy Systems
Tribal Knowledge


Dynamic Collaboration
Flexible Fulfillment
Connected Information
Actionable Dashboards

For Retailers

Automates routing processes, visibility & compliance
Improves inventory flow
Increases operational efficiencies
Unifies interface with customers
Low internal IT investment

For Wholesalers

Streamlines retailer interaction
Improves inventory flow
Increases receiving efficiencies & reduced chargebacks
Strengthens existing portal and TMS investments

Slync Architecture

Platform Enabled

All functionality is metadata driven allowing customers to pick-and-choose Slync features

Continuous Innovation

Improvements to the Slync platform are directly influenced by our customer feedback to rapidly innovate


Our platform is built with practices and specifications based on decades of experience building enterprise SaaS software

Make Slync your competitive advantage

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