Cargo theft on the decline, California tops the list [Supply Chain Dive]

According to SensiGuard, cargo theft across the U.S. dropped 19 percent in 2018. Although California had the most thefts in 2018 – accounting for 26 percent of total thefts in the U.S. – technology has made it simpler to track shipments and mitigate the issue with RFID and GPS. Check out Matt Leonard’s article in Supply Chain Dive for more details on the decrease in cargo thefts this year and how the industry is tackling the challenge.

Amazon is rapidly expanding its air fleet to handle more of its own shipping [CNBC]

Amazon is investing in logistics and shipping with its expansion of Amazon Air to include 50 new planes and several new regional hubs including building a $1.5 billion hub in Kentucky in 2021. According to the e-commerce giant, it can transport hundreds of thousands of packages per day with its new dedicated air networks, and its fleet of planes are what make two-day shipping possible almost anywhere in the U.S. Bringing shipping in-house gives the company more control over cost and delivery speed. Learn more about the impact Amazon's in-house shipping initiative will have on the rest of the logistics industry from CNBC.

Creating cybersecurity in your supply chain [Material Handling & Logistics]

Supply chain cybersecurity attacks rose by 150 percent between 2016 and 2017, making it a front and center issue for organizations across all industries. It's natural to look first inside the organization for threats, but companies should also keep close tabs on their supply chains so they understand where different risks lie and most likely points of entry. Learn about the best ways to prevent cybersecurity attacks from Material Handling & Logistics.  

State of global logistics: Time for a reality check [Logistics Management]

Developed markets are transitioning out of a long economic recovery and into an expansionary phase, according to Frontier Strategy Group. As rising global interest rates and ongoing trade protectionism continue to create unexpected turbulence for logistic managers in 2019, emerging markets will provide opportunities for faster growth. Patrick Burnson shares more insights on the state of global logistics in Logistics Management. Definitely worth a read.

Warehouse supply rises but still can’t match urban demand [Supply Chain Dive]

Spikes in online shopping are driving a need for more warehouse space. Although the market is producing a “healthy amount of construction,” when it comes to facilities, developers still face issues around location and cost when building new warehouses. Read more about the increasing demand of warehouse storage and how to overcome location complications in this article from Supply Chain Dive.

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