The pandemic has led to a tumultuous past two years for stakeholders within the supply chain all over the world — and Christmas is around the corner. Reflecting on the state of the supply chain in 2021, Slync's own Corey Bertsch, VP of Solutions Consulting, wrote a piece for Splash247 in October summarizing the state of affairs, highlighting key areas of interest for future regulation within and the supply chain. According to Corey, the crisis has been decades in the making, with businesses fundamentally unprepared to the multiple supply chain shocks caused by the pandemic. The public sector getting involved and eventually regulation being introduced goes to show how the private sector alone cannot has been unable to build sustainable long-term processes resistant to disruptions.

The silver lining here is that the spotlight is now clearly on global supply chains, and while it unfortunately took a crisis to get here, more people are interested in solving these fundamental problems that have long gone unaddressed.

Corey Bertsch, VP of Solutions Consulting,

Looking forward, Corey raises a more hopeful perspective for the future. With Washington involved and stakeholders pushed to their tipping points, new structures and opportunities can be built from the ashes.

This article was originally posted by Splash247. Read the full article here.

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