DALLAS, TX — April 27, 2022 — Slync.io, the technology provider that is revolutionizing the way global logistics works, announced today that the company has been recognized as a Top 100 Logistics IT Provider for 2022 by Inbound Logistics.

Every April, the magazine’s editors identify companies that are delivering best-in-class logistics technology and driving efficiency. More than 300 companies were considered for the annual honor, with the finalists being determined through a series of questionnaires, phone calls, personal interviews, and other research.

"Slync.io excels at providing solutions that drive logistics and supply chain excellence."

Felecia Stratton, Editor, Inbound Logistics

“We selected Slync.io for its consistent ability to deliver innovative solutions for companies large and small,” explained Felecia Stratton, Editor, Inbound Logistics. “Slync.io excels at providing solutions that drive logistics and supply chain excellence and answer Inbound Logistics readers' need for simplicity, ROI, and frictionless implementation.”

“Our goal is to make people more productive, companies more profitable, and customers more successful,” said Burt White, Head of Commercial at Slync.io. “This distinction from Inbound Logistics affirms that we’re on the right track, delivering value for our customers and the logistics marketplace as a whole. And there’s more to come!”

View the full list of selected companies at inboundlogistics.com.

About Slync.io

Slync.io is the innovator behind the first purpose-built operating platform for global shippers and logistics service providers that delivers higher productivity and process efficiency through intelligent automation. Logistics Orchestration® by Slync.io makes people more productive, companies more profitable, and customers more successful. Slync’s platform connects disparate systems, ingests structured and unstructured datasets, orchestrates teams, and automates processes seamlessly together to advance the global freight industry forward.

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About Inbound Logistics

Inbound Logistics is the pioneering magazine empowering demand-driven enterprises. IL's educational mission is to guide businesses to efficiently manage logistics, reduce and speed inventory, and neutralize transportation cost increases by aligning supply to demand and adjusting enterprise functions to support that paradigm shift. More information about demand-driven logistics practices is available at www.inboundlogistics.com

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Jaime Reints  //  Slync.io  //  VP, Marketing  //  jreints@slync.io

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