On this special bonus episode, David Rink, director of solutions consulting at Slync.io and a winner of [SDCE's] Pros to Know award, gives advice to his younger self and more.

An excerpt from Dave's conversation with Brielle Jaekel, Managing Editor at Supply & Demand Chain Executive:

On the topic of how Slync.io has been helping shape the global supply chain: "If I can use an analogy, [it’s like when] you buy a house, you move in, you start having kids and you need another bedroom and you want to add a pool. You could sell your house and go buy another one. Or you can hire a contractor, build an addition, add a pool, and stay in your existing home. Leverage the time and investment you already have in your home. That's what we've been focused on is essentially complementing current solutions that companies have in place to help solve these manual problems."

To listen to their full conversation, visit SDCExec.com.

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