CFS Integration & FLow Optimization

Improve container freight station productivity

Overcome information lag to optimize your container consolidation and deconsolidation processes

Ocean container consolidation requires seamless communication and collaboration between stakeholders. CFS Integration & Flow Optimization digitalizes communication between container freight stations and LSPs increasing the speed and accuracy of critical data needed for consolidation and deconsolidation. Replace manual processes and tribal knowledge with seamless visibility, collaboration, and automation.

Business outcomes

Increase transparency

Gain visibility to the who, what, why and when in your LCL operations with real-time data. Digitalized communication increases collaboration between operators and container freight stations.

Greater accountability

Managing global shipping requires information across multiple systems and formats. eliminates manual processes and surfaces up the information you need when you need it.

Real-time collaboration

Increase visibility to LCL operations by consolidating multiple sources of data. Identify and quickly resolve issues when consolidating shipments.

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Digitalizing communications increases transparency for supply chain stakeholders

Improve internal and external customer satisfaction up to 25%

Increase shipment exception resolutions by 30%

Increase workforce productivity

Powered by the Logistics Orchestration® platform, CFS Integration & Flow Optimization by gives forwarders and LSPs the peace of mind that comes with knowing their less-than-container load operations are moving smoothly and efficiently. With full visibility into container freight station processes and rapid notification of any lost or damaged goods, CFS Integration & Flow Optimization accelerates resolution times and drives greater certainty of the status of valuable ocean freight.

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