Multi-Party Process Management

Harmonize process flows across the multi-business logistics network

Remove the hidden barrier to collaborating across trading partners, borders and business units

Transportation management systems (TMS) lack the ability to manage complex process flows and freight handoffs that take place as inventory moves across multiple borders, modes, logistics service providers, shippers and suppliers. Enter Multi-Party Process Management by While no supply chain is a straight line, Multi-Party Process Management smooths the sharp edges by extending TMS functionality, automating export data between parties, and providing the right import data when and where it’s needed to advance freight forward.

Business outcomes

Seamless communication

Automate shipment information to your business partners so you can stay on task.

Data at your fingertips

Stop searching for the information and let critical data come to you through monitoring and exception management.

Increase efficiency

Improved collaboration and streamlined operations will delight customers at the lowest possible cost.

ContainerSlync Interface

Increase competitiveness with the right data when and where you need it

Reduce shipment pre-alert errors by 40%

30-40% improvement in partner collaboration

Increase in party collaboration

Increase multi-enterprise logistics network efficiency

Powered by the Logistics Orchestration® platform, Multi-Party Process Management by helps ensure processes and information move seamlessly between each entity for moving freight across the global supply chain.

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