Track Orders and SKUs at Origin, at Sea, at Destination

Inventory in Motion

“Where’s my stuff?” continues to be the most common supply chain FAQ

Operations teams spend countless hours calling and emailing partners to get updates on the status of purchase orders and inventory. The in-transit phase is especially challenging. Supply chain visibility has progressed, but tracking orders and inventory in real time has not been solved. There is no master system of record capable of digitizing large, global supply chain networks. And there won’t be one anytime soon.


Inventory in transit is complex, involving multiple logistics partners

Re-keying and analog communication impact data quality

Vital updates and documentation are often provided via email

designed for today’s multi-enterprise environment

Visibility & Control

Across events, milestones, & exceptions

Inventory in Motion consumes and organizes data from any and all sources as goods move across global supply chain networks. It consolidates orders, inventory, and logistics in the same place and then provides a full suite of exception management and control dashboards. This gives LSPs and Shippers a level of inventory visibility and control that has not been possible until now.

Data Integration Harmony

Bring together structured and unstructured data to operate in harmony across enterprise silos

AI Email Analysis

AI enables automated email and attachment analysis for identifying updates and confirmations

Real-Time Insights

Gain a real-time view of what’s happening in across your origins, key accounts, systems, and carriers

improve business outcomes

Achieve Unprecedented Levels of Productivity and Efficiency Enterprise-wide

Accelerate your booking & shipping process

Improve workforce productivity and accelerate customer outcomes.

Reduce costs and attract new business

Spend less time chasing carrier updates and resolving exceptions, and more time on bringing in new business.

Gain real insights to carrier performance

Measure carrier performance, diagnose issues and exceptions, and promote greater carrier accountability.


Accelerate your order fulfillment processes

80% reduction in data entry

Improved service levels

More accurate lead times

Improve your ocean booking processes today