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Slync’s powerful Logistics Orchestration® platform is changing the supply chain technology space for good — enabling enterprises to innovate at the pace of change while simulataneously building a core foundation to support a long-term digital future.

From the logistics industry, and purpose-built for its future, now.

We've entered a new phase in global logistics, where nothing is as normal, change is constant and siloed, rigid legacy software systems are not enough with email and spreadsheets combined to efficiently overcome multi-party process challenges with the transparency that multi-enterprise supply chains demand.

The most common collaboration, productivity and execution challenges occur in the supply chain over discontinuous processes that happen across oceans,  time zones, email chains, IT systems, third-party vendors, customers, assets, governments and carriers. There’s a lot of barriers to better efficiency to overcome. With an array of digital maturities and varying capabilities across partners, coupled with hundreds of documents, templates and no widely adopted industry data standard, folks have aimed to solve these issues with a complex web of portals, RPA bots and enterprise systems, still reliant on manual processes, that depend on emails and spreadsheets for insights.

In the end, there’s been incremental improvements at best and our poor logistics operators have been left to stare at tiny colored dots on a map, that’s open on one of 12 browser windows across three monitor screens, as as they re-key data and respond to 500+ daily emails.  This is not the level of visibility or efficiency  global logistics organizations should be settling for any more.

Slync’s industry expertise and robust Logistics Orchestration® platform deliver the solutions, knowledge and technology know-how needed to finally bridge  all-too-common system, partner, and process silos most have fumbled through to date or simply pushed aside due to  endless complexities.

Built for adoption now, with fast deployments and rapid scalability, and adaptable for the long-term, with unlimited configurability potential, conducting your logistic operation today with the Logistics Orchestration® platform will ensure your business is prepared to efficiently execute for whatever happens next.


What is a Logistics Orchestration® platform?

Slync.io delivers its intelligent automation solutions for the freight industry within it’s 
award-winning Logistics Orchestration® platform. 

Logistics Orchestration® brings together structured and unstructured data, disconnected systems, and critical multi-party processes to create unprecedented value and productivity by digitizing, automating and transforming how logistics service providers conduct their global operations.  

Whether you’re still on-premise, in the cloud, one footprint, hybrid or best-of-breed when it comes to your logistics technology ecosystem, a new category of meta-data driven software, Logistics Orchestration® was built to integrate with your existing technology footprint, to augment functionality without having to rip and replace, to maximize your IT spend and modernize your logistics technology ecosystem without starting from scratch.  

Slync’s powerful Logistics Orchestration® platform is changing the supply chain technology space for good — enabling enterprises to innovate at the pace of change while simultaneously building a core foundation to support a long-term digital future.

Global teams are able to digitalize manual processes and create exponential value in as little as six weeks.

Improve productivity in leaps, not increments

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Digitalize data into insights & automate execution

Full interoperability to
read, write & sync

Unstructured data ingestion,
transformation & reporting

Real-time, transactional 
intelligence & analytics

Event & rules-based process automation

Exception detection 
& escalation routing

Proactive risk
avoidance & alerts

Delivering enterprise-grade outcomes

Unprecendented productivity gains globally

Deepen customer relationships with solutions built to drive greater connectivity, accountability and actionable results — without added headcount or costly systems replacement.

Increase operational margins

Drive carrier accountability

Enhance customer service

Accelerate productivity

Take greater ownership and control over your logistics operations and improve reliability with solutions that extend the power of your core planning and execution systems.

Reduce operational cost

Enhance multi-party collaboration

Increase control over your operations

Improve vendor performance

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Collaboration Network

Remove the hidden barrier to collaborating across trading partners, borders and business units. Harmonize process flows across the multi-business logistics network. Smooth TMS rigidity by extending functionality, automating export data between parties, and providing the right import data when and where it’s needed to advance freight forward.

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Intelligent Carrier

Automate your ocean booking confirmation process. Improve customer outcomes and accelerate workforce productivity with the right files, key data, and latest activity communicated transparently and digitally, right where your operators work.

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Connect ERP systems with logistics processes leveraging automation for effortless data transfer across systemic information silos and for external collaboration with global third-party networks and partners to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, visibility, and avoid disruptions before they make an impact.

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