The Slync Logistics Orchestration Platform

Tap into the power of AI to bring everything and everyone together so the end-to-end digital logistics vision can be realized.


The time for real, profound change has arrived.

Information silos and blind spots continue to hinder digital transformation.

A vast array of technology at varying levels of maturity across global partner networks creates silos. Factor in countless different document formats, templates, terminology, and no widely-adopted industry data standard, and it’s not surprising that the logistics industry is still reliant on manual processes, emails, and spreadsheets to keep supply chains running.

Operational “blind spots” are created when teams and partners use disconnected tools such as email. This is a huge problem in global logistics.

time savings add up

Exponential Value

Slync’s Logistics Orchestration® platform is designed to handle large trade volumes and help our customers do away with the massive amount of manual effort that is required to keep shipments moving


Units managed


Emails automated


Minutes saved


Slync’s Platform Bridges Data Silos

Using our advanced, proprietary algorithms and large language models, the Slync platform scours all forms of data being generated across the supply chain and then unifies it into a workflow applications suite.

From the most advanced, bi-directional system integrations to crudely written emails, languages, and PDF attachments, our platform is constantly learning and tuning to keep pace with changes and disruptions.

don’t rip & replace

Augment & Extend the Value of Existing IT Investments

You don’t need to start at zero to make change happen. Digital transformation can now be achieved rapidly with Slync’s fully interoperable platform. Enterprises and 3PLs can quickly augment existing functionality and improve productivity in a matter of weeks, not years, without the hassle of removing or customizing legacy systems.

Slync is designed to run in tandem with a range of portals, ERP, TMS, SCP, WMS, CRM, OMS, SCV, and proprietary systems.

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