The Slync Vision

Slync is the leading digital supply network. Our vision is to integrate supply chain collaboration onto one platform that connects all the currently fragmented internal systems by radically enhancing the digital capabilities, automation, and workflow of all participants in global logistics — including shippers, carriers, forwarders, LSPs, and suppliers regardless of the industry.

Slync is revolutionizing the way that companies interact and exchange value throughout the global supply chain.

Slync is accomplishing this by integrating information and data from a host of sources – email, Excel, legacy systems, partner programmes, internal IT systems – and offers companies better visibility of their data, AI driven insights, automated workflows, and ‘exception management’ tools.

Slync Leadership

Our leading supply chain platform provides our customers unparalleled functionality and the flexibility to adapt our software platform to the demands of their rapidly evolving businesses.  Recent studies show predictive AI to grow to over 75% adoption across supply chain companies within the next 5 years. Slync has engineered a product that can help customers get started today.

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