A top 10 global freight forwarder with over 60,000 monthly FCL carrier bookings and space allocations partnered with Slync.io to improve their operational efficiencies for ocean carrier bookings allowing them to offer superior customer satisfaction.

Overwhelmed by high volume and often changing bookings, operator productivity had diminished as they tried to manage data from different sources and across multiple applications. Information lags between teams and service desks across the world led to manual and duplicative work and inconsistent information. Not to mention, frustrated customers and operations.

Leveraging Intelligent Carrier Management, our client streamlined and improved its vendor and carrier booking process by automating key tasks and centralizing all its fractured data sources. With this solution, the LSP has automated the capture of key booking information from unstructured data sources like emails and PDFs as well as structured data from their core systems via restful APIs.


faster booking and shipment transactions


hours saved in core booking processes


reduction in manual reporting efforts

Operators can now rapidly identify and resolve booking conflicts through exception management and the amount of manual and duplicative has been significantly reduced by aggregating key data in one central location. Plus, this new automated process gives their customers almost real-time transparency and advanced analytics around the carrier booking process. Partnering with Slync.io has led to happier customers and a tangible commercial advantage in the field.

Core functionality of Intelligent Carrier Management

  • Centralize carrier booking and allocation processes
  • Automate processes, data entry and validation
  • Identify booking mismatches through configured workflows and exception management
  • Aggregate and validate records with data ingestion and document parsing
  • Business process compliance and adherence standards across regions and service desks
  • Minimum order quantity management for BCOs and carriers and service desks

Tangible benefits for LSPs, carriers, and customers

  • Improve customer service by providing near real-time transparency into shipment status
  • Empower your commercial team in the field with a unique product offering
  • Proactively resolve carrier and vendor booking inconsistencies for improved KPIs
  • System managed exceptions and automation give time back to your teams
  • Allocate and reallocate freight more efficiently by eliminating duplicative efforts
  • Maintain records with reason codes for chargebacks, fees, rolled and canceled bookings allowing stronger contract negation power with carriers
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Navigate ocean freight chaos

For logistics service providers struggling with ongoing ocean freight challenges, Intelligent Carrier Management by Slync.io can help control the chaos. By accelerating, streamlining, and automating processes, LSPs can juggle shifting schedules and quickly match limited carrier capacity to their customer's freight—all within a single system of record.

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