DALLAS, TX & SAN FRANCISCO, CAOctober 18, 2022 Slync, Inc. (“Slync.io”), the logistics technology innovator revolutionizing how global supply chains operate, announces the appointment of John Urban as chief executive officer and chairman of its board today.

John Urban is a highly respected and experienced logistics technology executive who co-founded and grew GT Nexus into the world’s largest cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) network for global supply chain management.

John Urban has served as a strategic adviser for Slync.io since 2018, uniquely positioning him even further to take on this keystone role for the company.

"Slync’s orchestration platform is enabling unprecedented productivity gains today for some of the world’s largest logistics networks, and we’re just getting started.”

John Urban, Chairman & CEO, Slync.io

“I am thrilled to join this dynamic team of seasoned technology and logistics executives in a much greater capacity. We are all truly committed to creating and delivering value for our clients,” John Urban explained.

“Slync’s product and engineering teams have built an ultra-configurable platform that enables 3PLs and BCOs to digitalize, automate, and optimize logistics processes across the supply chain network, in weeks, not years, and by augmenting, not replacing, entrenched legacy systems. Slync’s orchestration platform is enabling unprecedented productivity gains today for some of the world’s largest logistics networks, and we’re just getting started.”

The company’s Logistics Orchestration® platform performs seamless data harmonization and synchronization between and across enterprise technology systems, ad-hoc tools, unstructured data, and manual processes within a single ecosystem for true visibility and unparalleled efficiency. Meta-data drives real-time, transactional insights Slync’s clients can use to collaborate, resolve, or automate intelligent action.

This unprecedented level of process productivity, multiparty connectivity, and contextualized data afford logistics teams time to prioritize value-added activities that support the customer, instead of manual administrative processes. With Slync’s solutions, productivity improves in leaps, not increments, with thousands of resource hours added back to the bottom line.

 “John comes from the freight industry and shares our passion and focus on moving this industry into the future. We are thrilled to have someone of his caliber, with logistics and technology prowess, step up to lead the charge forward as our new CEO,” stated Stephanie Herminjard, chief operating officer of Slync.io.

 "Organizations need technology solutions to reduce costs, improve margins, and proactively avoid risk in their supply chains, particularly in inflationary times such as these,” stated Darren Cohen, global co-head of Growth Equity at Goldman Sachs Asset Management Division and a Slync board member.

“Slync’s solution continues to deliver a competitive advantage for its clients year-over-year, and we are very pleased that John Urban will lead the company as Slync’s new CEO. He has deep industry experience, and we believe he is well positioned to take the company through its next phase.”

“I'm ready to lead Team Slync,” John Urban concluded, “We have so much more to accomplish, stay tuned.”

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About Slync.io

is the innovator behind the first purpose-built orchestration platform for global shippers and logistics service providers that delivers higher productivity and process efficiency through intelligent automation. Logistics Orchestration® by Slync.io makes teams more productive, companies more profitable, and customers more successful. Slync’s platform connects disparate systems, ingests structured and unstructured datasets, orchestrates teams, and automates processes seamlessly to advance the global freight industry.

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