Intelligent carrier management

It’s time to digitalize 
your container booking processes at origin

Your operators shouldn’t be buried in spreadsheets and bombarded by emails.

Gain exceptional visibility & take action across global logistics networks on a single screen

Lagging communications, lack of transparency and a mess of unstructured data have caused shippers, carriers and LSPs to have fallen out of sync.

It’s clear, email and spreadsheets weren’t built to be today’s logistics system of record. Not only does the mix of enterprise systems and ad-hoc tools, varying partner maturity levels and one-off communications make the ocean container booking and allocation process cumbersome, it’s ineffecient and taxing our individual operators across the industry with menial tasks, that don’t add value to customers and erode margins with a “death by a thousands cuts”.

Minutes of ineffeciency across hundreds of operators quickly turn to hours. For example, the average logistics operator recieves 400-700 emails everyday. Most are inconsequential but some are urgent needing immediate action. Spending even 30 seconds to triage inbox communications add 3+ hours alone to everyday’s workload. When considering customers and carriers make an average of 5-10 changes to each booking, in an industry with razor-thin margins, there has never been a greater need for logistics service providers to streamline and automate their carrier bookings, confirmations and allocation processes.

Intelligent Carrier Management by brings order to complex ocean freight processes, enhancing workforce efficiency, driving greater carrier accountability and improving business outcomes by focusing on automating and ultimately orchestrating pre-vessel carrier booking processes at origin.

Conduct your ocean network operations with Intelligent Carrier Management

1. Digitalize on a global scale your ocean cargo processes

Bring together structured and unstructured data to operate in harmony across traditional enterprise silos. Improve workforce productivity and accelerate customer outcomes with the right files, emails, data, and latest activity communicated transparently and digitally, right where your operators work.

2. Automate your ocean booking confirmation & allocation process

Ingest and parse document, spreadsheet and email into to Slync to traige emails, detect exceptions, validate requests, escalate exceptions, resolve errors effortlessly without human intervention. Shift the entire organization from reactive to proactive.  

3.  Orchestrate on one platform multiple parties, systems, carriers 

Gain a 360 view of what’s happening in real-time across your origins, key accounts, different systems and carriers.  Stop swivel chair operations, accelerate resolution times, reduce manual errors, and finally let your data flow with control for better, more profitable customer and partner experiences end-to-end.

Business outcomes

Accelerate your booking and shipping process

Improve workforce productivity and accelerate customer outcomes.

Reduce costs and attract new business

Spend less time chasing carrier updates and resolving exceptions, and more time on bringing in new business.

Gain real insights to carrier performance

Measure carrier performance, diagnose issues and exceptions, and promote greater carrier accountability.


Achieve unprecedented levels of productivity
and efficiency enterprise wide

Automate 90% of confirmation related communications

Save minimum of 30 minutes per carrier booking transaction

30% operational cost
reduction at origin

Powered by the Logistics Orchestration® platform, Intelligent Carrier Management conducted by helps manage the ocean cargo chaos by streamlining and automating the carrier booking confirmation process, coordinating the supply and demand of bookings, providing intuitive exception management, and delivering real-time transactional insights on shipment and carrier metrics for more informed decisions.

Improve your ocean booking processes today